Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conclave?

Conclave is a powerful messaging utility that lets you control your data and messages like never before. Everything you do in Conclave is 100% private and secure, so you can live your life without worrying who might be watching. Send your best, unsend your worst, and save it all where only you can see it.

Where did Conclave come from?

Our app was originally designed for sharing classified information in the Department of Defense. That was fun, but now we're bringing that same security technology to you.

Is Conclave affiliated with the Pope?

No. Conclave is not associated with the Pope in any way. But he's probably a pretty cool dude.

Will Conclave steal my soul?

Rest easy. Since everything is end to end encrypted, we couldn't steal anything from you even if we wanted to. No one, not even Conclave, can see your messages and files.

What makes this different from other apps?

Conclave combines encrypted messaging AND storage into a single app, giving you more control over YOUR stuff. Our unique features give you power over messages and files that don't exist in other apps. Check out our growing list of features like unsend, mark as secret, file tracking and more!

What superpowers do I have?

We're still working on x-ray vision, invisibility, and flying, but in the meantime you can: unsend your messages, mark content as "secret", send and force read receipts, track any files you've sent, retract files you've sent, set conversation reminders, and mute notifications. For more information, please see our Features page.

I found a bug on (Web/Android/iOS). How do I report it?

Reporting a bug can be done by emailing us at "", or through our Freshdesk page. To access it...

- On Web: After you've logged in, the bottom right corner has a button labeled "Support". Beat the devil out of that button to report your bug.
- On Android: In the slide out menu on the main screen, there's an option labeled "Feedback". That will take you to a page where you can create an issue.
- On iOS: Under Settings, there's an option titled "Support and Feedback". Use that to create a bug report.

Can I get a job?

Yes! We're always looking for talented individuals to join our team. As we grow larger, we'll be able to hire more people to help build Conclave. Send us an email at "" and we'll try to find a good fit for you.


What sort of encryption do you use?

Conclave's cryptography is an implementation of ECIES using the NIST P-384 elliptic curve, AES-256-GCM and SHA-512. Each user has a set of keypairs that are used for various processes in the system. The user's password is converted to key using PBKDF2 to protect these keypairs. There is a unique symmetric key used for encrypting each conversation / file / shared folder. These symmetric keys are encrypted with the appropriate users' public keys. We also have published our security architecture.

What the heck are keys?

Put simply, your keys are what Conclave uses to keep your data 100% private.

In slightly more detail, each user has a set of keypairs that are used to protect your messages and files. Keypairs are created when signing up by converting a user's password to keys via PBKDF2. These keypairs include one private key and one public key, and are unique to each user. When using the app, a user's unique symmetric keypair is used for encrypting each conversation, file, and shared folder. These symmetric keys are encrypted with the appropriate user's public keys. Without your keys, messages and files you send could be seen and/or saved by jerks on the internet. Long story short, your keys keep your data 100% private, protect them like your For more, check out our security architecture available at

Can I use multiple devices on Conclave?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage using multiple devices. We support iOS, Android, and web browsers so you can conveniently access your files and messages across all of your smart devices. Plus, authenticating multiple devices will help avoid being locked out of your account.

What if I lose my device

If you lost your one and only device, you may have to reset your account. Add multiple devices or opt into key backup to avoid this trouble. We know this makes Conclave a little less forgiving, but it's part of what keeps your data safe.

Can you make Conclave do <insert feature here>?

Yes, we'll figure out a way. Shoot us an email at "" and we'll take your idea into strong consideration. We want to provide you with the best app experience possible, and the only way to do that is through your feedback and suggestions. After you reach out, we'll stay in touch with our ideas for your suggestion.