Our Story

Some time ago, a company called Forge Global Industries (formerly Forge Aeronautics), was awarded a contract by the Department of Defense to execute Project X. The objectives of Project X: implement a suite of mobile applications that would enable the Air Force to move Top Secret drone data to commercial smart phones using commercial cryptography—a feat that had never been done before. Forge developed the applications using the latest and greatest technologies and designed them to be compliant with the highest information security requirements as specified by the Department of Defense. Forge's initial prototypes were successful, but before the next phase could start, political strife suspended Project X.

In late 2011 Forge decided to revisit Project X. This time, instead of building it exclusively for the Federal Government, Forge would build an app with the same security and compliance benefits for everyone. Over the next four years, Forge worked to design a system that would have the necessary functionality, security, and privacy features to be useful, protect customer privacy, and be compliant with the most stringent regulations. In 2016, the app reached version 1.0 and had new customers signing up daily. Forge decided that it was time to spin out these efforts into a new company isolated from the realities of the Department of Defense.

With this decision, a small team left the comfort and stability of working as federal contractors and founded Conclave. Today, that team remains dedicated to delivering safe, private and compliant utilities to everyone.