Unsend Messages

You are always in control of what others see. You have complete power over all of your messages and attachments.

So you accidentally sent a #yolotastic selfie to your sweet old grandma?
Unsend it!


Track your Files

So it looks like that picture of your special cinnamon rolls got leaked...that sucks broseph!

See who else has seen it, and remove their access to it!

Mark as Secret

We all have had that friend that borrows your phone and then snoops around through your pictures or messages. Make sure they don't find any of your secret recipes by tagging them as "secret".

Any messages or attachments marked as secret will require your password to view them.

Force Read Receipts

You urgently need to tell your friend about a top secret meeting of the broskis, but they have their read receipts turned off! What a jerk!

#swag your message with a forced read receipt, and they won't have a choice but to send one for that message.

Privacy & Security

Conclave uses a technology called end-to-end encryption to provide you with exceptional privacy & security. For more information, see our security architecture document.

TL;DR Conclave never sees your data.

Pro +200$3.99
XXL1000 (1 TB)$9.99

File Management & Sharing

Manage your files & folders on Conclave. Share them with your contacts when necessary. Know your data will be secure & that you will have privacy.