Own your data

Retain control.

Simplify compliance.

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Simplify Compliance

NIST SP 800-171

Defense Contractors: Did you know that the deadline to comply with NIST SP 800-171 is December 31, 2017? Reduce the headache & use Conclave to simplify compliance.


Conclave does not export your data. This enables your organization to safely collaborate around ITAR controlled information.


Coming in Jan 2017! Defense contractors: you're covered. As a cloud service provider, Conclave has implemented controls that are equivalent to FedRAMP moderate, enabling compliance with DFAR 252.204.7012.


Coming Soon! Stay tuned as Conclave continues to add more compliance features!

Own Your Data

Conclave can't see your information. Period. Your organization owns the keys that are used to encrypt your data - not Conclave. You have complete control.

Retain Control

A Conclave organization is an isolated group of users controlled by an organization administrator. The organization retains control & access to all user information that is inside the organization.

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